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General Chat Thread, Giving Up The Internet - Interesting Article in General; Don't think I could - might make my job a bit difficult! Back to reality: giving up the internet | ...
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    Giving Up The Internet - Interesting Article

    Don't think I could - might make my job a bit difficult!

    Back to reality: giving up the internet | From the Observer | The Observer

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    The first step with any "condition" is the hardest - admitting there is a problem. The next step, just as hard, admitting that it's you that has the problem. The solution/s need planning, co-operation, collaboration and support.

    So, I'll Google for it, email my friends, post on FB, Tweet, find the latest app - then I'll give up the Internet. Think I'll start tomorrow as Sunday is my rest day

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    witch (12th April 2010)

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    Well as quite a few of you know I trashed my FB account a while back now - never gone back to it. I only really ever use a handful of sites, this one, youtube, technet, some scripting and news ones, I don't use twitter, I don't use internet banking, my missus only uses it for shopping, I never reply to work E-mail at weekends, I refuse to answer work phone calls after I have gone home or weekends, I have refused the use of a work mobile & generally only use the internet for a laugh, winding people up who take it soooooo seriously.
    Interesting how this chap started his FB account up again...........just proves some people just can't do it......

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    give up the internet? this thread should have gone into the jokes forum lol

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