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General Chat Thread, THE FUTURE! As forecast in 1970 in General; From an old Tomorrows World book from 1970. Other highlights from the list included the end of obesity in 1979 ...
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    THE FUTURE! As forecast in 1970

    From an old Tomorrows World book from 1970.

    Other highlights from the list included the end of obesity in 1979 with drugs and the cure for cancer in 1990.

    Got to love future predictions

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    If only this years forecast/idea was implemented.....

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    2030s prediction is gonna making working in a primary school rather different

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    China kind of has compulsory birth control already so we could maybe give them a half mark for that!
    The onset of puberty has been dropping over the years; it's nowhere near 9 as an average but plenty of girls will reach puberty at that age or even earlier so I think we can probably say that they will get the full mark for that one :-)
    Semi-voluntary euthanasia is more or less here although it's not encouraged by the department of health (but it is one of Cameron's plans if he's elected - it's a very good way to save money!)

    I'd actually like to see the withdrawal of cash and notes and a move to a card based economy - very much easier to deal with (eg anyone who uses public transport in London will see how much quicker it is to get on a bus when you pay with an Oyster card than paying cash for tickets)

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    I particularly like the prediction for 2016

    But... on the subject of predictions..

    Fright Night is an event in Sheffield that started off back in 2000 (or was it 2001)... Anyway, the first one was rained off totally thanks to really poor drainage on the site chosen.

    Stall holders, entertainers and the like were contacted the night before the event to let them know the bad news that we were cancelling... but one we couldn't get hold of because she'd already turned up on site with her caravan and stuff ready to setup early the next day...

    Who was it?

    The fortune teller... .. and no we don't think she was much good...

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