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    Papercut 10.2 released

    For all that are interested, Papercut 10.2 is now available to new and existing customers with update assurance.

    The list of changes is below. It is available from PaperCut Version 10.2 released Select Technology – Custom MFD Solutions – Call us on (0) 1256 246970

    Quote Originally Posted by Release Notes
    New features:

    • Page-level color detection is now supported with PCL6 / PCLXL drivers (in addition to the existing PCL5, PostScript and HPGL).
    • Quotas (scheduled automatic payments) may now be implemented for shared accounts.
    • New web services APIs and server-commands to change user account selection settings.
    • When importing card numbers from AD/LDAP the card number may now be extracted from the field using a regular expression. This can be helpful where the card number is only a portion of the data stored in the field.


    • When using the additional groups feature (additional-groups.txt):
    • Improve the sort order of group names displayed in the Add/Remove Groups screen.
    • Allow the additional groups to affect the initial user settings when users are created on demand.
    • Many translation updates including new translations into Lithuanian.
    • Security:
    • Fixed a potential cross-site scripting vulnerability in the error/404 page (only affects IE6).
    • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue introduced in version 10.1 causing reports to error on Linux systems without the MS fonts pack installed.
    • Fixed issue submitting multiple copies of a Web Print job when running in sandbox mode off a Linux primary server via a Samba share.
    • Fixed problems that can occur when using the new advanced scripting interface to display dialogs to users running old versions of the client software. IMPORTANT: Sites using the advanced scripting feature must upgrade locally installed client software (if any) after installing this version.
    • Fixed a problem that stopped the client shared secret file from being created when upgrading. This shared secret file can be used with the user client software on Macs to avoid the need for pop-up authentication.
    • Fixed a problem that caused pop-up authentication to appear again after a job was in a hold/release queue for more than 48 hours. This would only occur at sites using pop-up authentication and where the hold/release timeout was set to 48 hours or more.
    • Improved reliability of starting Web Print in sandbox mode on a Windows 2008 R2 server. In some circumstances Web Print could start before the network hot folder (mapped drive) had connected.
    • Minor fix to the Windows uninstaller to ensure that the pc-shared-secret.dat file is removed.

    Copier / Device Integration:

    • Fixed problem that could stop jobs being released with auto release of jobs on login enabled and logging into a device using username/password.
    • Konica Minolta OpenAPI: Fixed error message that could be displayed after changing settings on the Options → Advanced tab in the admin interface.
    • Lexmark LeSF:
    • Users can now associate cards with their login at the device (“card self-association”).
    • The interface may now be displayed in Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.
    • When releasing a job while the device is printing, a message is now displayed giving the option to queue the job for printing or to not release at this time. This gives the user the option to come back when the device is free or release the job at another device (if using Find Me Printing).
    • The Copy button is no longer displayed on T656dne printers.
    • Ricoh ESA:
    • Fixed more instances that could cause a white screen to appear, particularly after resuming from standby, requiring the embedded application to be restarted.
    • Added support for the RFIdeas magstripe card reader (requires the card-reader to be configured, see the Ricoh Embedded Manual for details).
    • Added support for new revisions of the RFIdeas proximity card readers.
    • Improved user feedback when a card reader is attached and a user swipes their card while the lockscreen is displayed.
    • After a failed card login occurs the failure message is not automatically dismissed after a short delay.
    • The initial device name can now be configured in a configuration file, avoiding the need to enter it at the device. This can greatly simplify remote installations.

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