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General Chat Thread, Leaving school... in General; Originally Posted by Jamo Since I have been driving a lot I have started to listen to radio 4 while ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamo View Post
    Since I have been driving a lot I have started to listen to radio 4 while I drive in the morning. Now my gf thinks im sad lol
    Its sadly addictive isn't it? I rarely listen to any other station now. Worth the license fee on its own.

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    Remember interviews are a 2 way thing. It gives you the opportunity to see if you think you'll like the place too. You cant do that without going to the interview. I was in your place a few years back and the penny dropped that although I liked that job the fact that I was considering leaving (for what would have been a completely different job) made me realise I wasn't happy where I was. To be honest the lack of pay and grief that I was getting made me unhappy in work.

    I have since moved twice now and although it is frustrating that I can no longer just make changes that need to be done(work is divided out to different people for respsonsibility) I now have more money and am given training...Something that would never have happend at my first school. Although sometimes I do miss the work of my first school I dont miss the pay and know I made the right choice to move on.

    And as others have said, go to the interview, you can always say no if they offer you the job. You cant say yes if you dont go.

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