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    Aldi HD camcorder

    Anyone got one of the Aldi HD camcorders which are selling tomorrow? I know it's not the best but for £60!

    ALDI - Sunday Special Buys 21st March 2010

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    It looks like it's fixed focus and I don't expect the low-light capability will be good and only digital zoom. Check to see how much replacement batteries are, it might be cheaper to buy two cameras! At £60 with 3 years warranty can you go far wrong?

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    They are also selling (Hurry While Stocks Last) a Digital HD Camcorder more ruggedised HD camcorder for a mere forty quid - if you just want a chuck-about device.

    I recently bought a Kodak ZX1 for fifty quid from Currys (actually PC World), but it seems that you can only get them in pink (for £48) now!

    It is scary how cheap some "tech" is these days?


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