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General Chat Thread, Naace, BCS, and other bodies in General; I suppose I could call my time at university a career break - seeing as I have decided that ICT ...
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    Naace, BCS, and other bodies

    I suppose I could call my time at university a career break - seeing as I have decided that ICT in education is an area I think I will probably return to once I graduate...

    While I'm at Uni do you guys think there is any benefit in joining the BCS, or Naace as a student member? Does being a member of these bodies have a positive effect or are there other/better alternatives?

    Some people I speak to highly recommend becoming a member of these societies etc. but I'm not so sure...

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    I was in the BCS as a student member during University. It was fairly useful as they send you articles etc.. A few of us also got to go to a security conference for free which was very helpful and allowed us to meet a lot of people in the industry which can be useful if you're looking for work after you graduate.

    That said, if you pay your £25 for the year and don't take advantage of any of the conferences talks etc.. There isn't much point.

    During my time at Uni in Cardiff they had a lot of conferences in and around the campus as well as easy travelling distance away.

    I hope that helps.

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