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General Chat Thread, This is not the Wii. It's the Move. From Playstation. in General; Originally Posted by tmcd35 the hardoned gamer. Ooh-er missus Anyway tmcd32 is quite correct. Statements like 'the Wii sucks' are ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by tmcd35 View Post
    the hardoned gamer.
    Ooh-er missus

    Anyway tmcd32 is quite correct. Statements like 'the Wii sucks' are just silly as clearly if it did 'suck' it wouldn't be as successful as it is. Not every Wii game is a frivolous party game, Zelda doesn't exactly lend itself to a party atmosphere (at least it didn't at xmas 08 when my brother hogged the TV playing it and answering my grumpy requests to have a go with a curt 'No') and Mario Kart, despite its fun for all the family appeal, takes some serious work to complete as fully as I am OCD-like compelled to do.

    Its a no brainer for companies following Nintendo's wake who want to make some money, come up with something to beat it, or just plain copy it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Domino View Post
    I'm not saying anything about the numbers - there's three in my household.

    However they haven't been switched on in months, which is my point. These things are faddy gimmicks. fun sometimes when your mates are round, but you feel a fool when playing alone.
    Maybe your too self conscious - mine is on everyday. And the my kids still beat me.......not at table tennis though where I am the king of the house......so there.

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    nah - its probably just laziness.

    its dangerously close to exercise........

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    I don't see what the problem is really. Clearly Nintendo are doing something right and Microsoft and Sony want some of that business.

    In the past generation it was mostly all about graphics, but now motion censor technology is just another way of playing. I suspect most newer games will support the traditional joypad and motion censor technology. When I play Mario Kart on the Wii I don't always use the wheel.

    The interesting part is what will Nintendo do next. The Wii doesn't support HD and seriously lacks power compared to the XBOX and PS3. They can't keep creating cartoon looking games forever and expect the competition to do nothing.

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    I want natal but not really for the xbox, I want the hardware and sdk for pc's so I can trying and pimp apps that use it. I think the technology is quite interesting for natal and if it can do half of the stuff they say it could be ace for a lot of things - but not so much games. The hardware/software have been tweaked a hell of a lot to improve accuracy.

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    Thumbs down

    Im sure the fact that Wii can be chipped/softmodded to easily play backups, or the fact you can hook up a USB Hard drive [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBbFuzuavUE"]YouTube- Configurable USB Loader v39[/ame] to play backups faster had nothing to do with these sales.

    Since the vast profit comes from the games (alright, Nintendo can actually make a profit from the console as well) its success can only be measured from the combined sales.

    Add to that Sony is not hacked yet, with Nintendo heavily hacked, it becomes interesting.

    This household is stricly Sony free ... but my son hammers the Wii daily.

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    So basically Sony are copying Microsoft whom copyed the wii lol! i do see this as very good but i dont want them to bring it in to every game to be honest as yes playing a shooting game is far better with the controller, holding a gun in your hand whilst trying to shoot would be interesting but not quite sure what it would be like.

    Project Natal is MS version of this btw.


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    All I can say is:

    Sony Bingo!

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    Looks good
    Seems like some annoyed members here, it looks nothing like a wii remote other than its length, reminds me of our remote mouse we give to staff for power point presentations.
    The button configurations are nothing like the wii and look better thought out, the only decent buttons on the wii are A and B I hate it when games ask me to press button – or + or 1 or 2. Even more laughable when I have to turn the remote on its side and the + button becomes the main playing button.
    No one is being forced to use it and just like the eye toy it opens up a realm of family interactivity that even granny can play.
    I would like to think I will be purchasing more than one, but I’m guessing these will be at Sony ridicules prices.

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