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General Chat Thread, Technician costs in General; My schools get charged 2200/year for each 3 hour session they have. This charge is made up of my salary, ...
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    My schools get charged 2200/year for each 3 hour session they have.

    This charge is made up of my salary, the on-costs (Pension, NI, county council admin costs), my car mileage costs (100-150/month) and a budget of 80/school for bits (cables/mice balls etc).

    (One school pays me and charges the others in the cluster at no-profit to themselves)

    I would consider this to be at the bottom end of possible ICT Support costs.

    (I know other techs in nearby clusters are being charged out at 3500/day but those techs don't respond to urgent requests and don't get car mileage or a budget for bits )

    If employing a commercial firm (Who aren't using the support charges as a means of getting more lucrative installation jobs ) then they'd need to add their profit margins onto that so 3400 looks quite a reasonable charge.

    4500 is not bad either if your getting fully qualified people with a good backup team - my schools just get me



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    This discussion has been very useful, as I'm currently working on pricing a support offer to schools. Our offer would have 3 levels of service: bronze, silver and (rather predictably) gold, as follows...

    Bronze: Helpdesk facility with remote support; liaison with email providers; cache management; brokerage for ICT procurement, training and disposal; general help and advice.

    Silver: As bronze, plus ICT Technician onsite one day per week; remote router & switch support; remote server backup; secure ICT disposal; discounted training and certification exams; secure remote access for staff; learning platform administration.

    Gold: As silver, plus laptop backup and encryption, E-Safety monitoring, AD management, Exchange management.

    I guess the main element of this is the technician on site one day per week, and the rest is just add-ons. Anyone have any thoughts as to what we should be charging?

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