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General Chat Thread, Skype WiFi Handset in General; I was looking for Christmas presents and obviously got bored so I decided to look for something for myself and ...
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    Skype WiFi Handset

    I was looking for Christmas presents and obviously got bored so I decided to look for something for myself and came across 3 Skype WiFi phones. At first I thought it was quite good calling people over wireless networks as the 3 houses I will be at, my workplace and uni all have wireless networks.

    However, I was very disappointed when I learned that the handset didn't support text messaging, seems a bit of a draw back and one reason for me not to change as I don't want to have to carry two phones. It also appears that despite being able to make VoIP calls they don't have web browsers... might as well buy a PSP.

    Has anyone purchased or at least seen one of these in action ?


    Skype website info


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    Re: Skype WiFi Handset

    I have at work a Netgear one, not tried it out yet myself, but from what I have been told its a very nice bit of kit. Cannot say more than that at present as I have not got my own hands on it yet.

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