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General Chat Thread, IT Risk Assessment templates in General; @all: Have just been given the task of producing risk assessments for my IT department. Having never done this before, ...
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    IT Risk Assessment templates


    Have just been given the task of producing risk assessments for my IT department. Having never done this before, as we used to have a H & S admin worker who used to do all this, I would like to ask any NM who has done this already if they would mind allowing me access to anything they have by way of IT risk assessments, especially templates and guidelines.

    I would usually work my way through the manuals from HSE but unfortunately they have to be done by next Thursday.

    If anyone can help me I would appreciate very much.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I've e-mailed you a few docs - I hope there useful.

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    If your in need of any advice just let me know mate, I've got a firm of H&S Specialists who work with me on any H&S stuff I need (trade of services that we are used to when they have an IT Issue they call me and visa versa) and I'm sure I could give them a buzz and ask them to give you any pointers if your stuck on areas etc.

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    Hi, I have been given the job of creating risk assessments for a number of IT based tasks and I noticed your post to another member. If you still have any info/templates available to you I would be most grateful if I could have them?
    many thanks
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