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General Chat Thread, NAS drive for home use? in General; I'm looking for a NAS box for my home network so i can use it to back up all my ...
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    NAS drive for home use?

    I'm looking for a NAS box for my home network so i can use it to back up all my machines and stream stuff to my PS3.

    So far, I've looked at the Netgear RND2000 and a Linksys/Cisco media streamer and the netgear seems to be winning (partly because of the functionality it offers and also because netgear have a promo running where you can get a free 500gb hdd).

    Does anyone have any recommendations for NAS drives?

    (Yes, i know about freenas, but i don't have the space for another PC and i wouldn't want another machine on 24/7 so that kinda puts that idea out the window)


    the Linksys that i was looking at is the nmh410

    A bit more information, I'd preferably like to have:
    • 2 drive bays
    • rsync functionality
    • raid 1 (for mirroring)
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    Buffalo Linkstation Mini - looking at getting on myself.

    Automatically switches off when nothing is connected to it. Uses 2.5" hard drives, so is fanless. Sizes up to 1.0 TB or 500GB with RAID. Gigabit Ethernet. DLNA to steam media. Comes in 2 different colours.

    They also now sell a SSD version as well!!

    Cheap as well:
    Hard Drives products at great prices - dabs.com

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    I have the netgear with 2 1tb drives mirrored. Can't fault it

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