I have a number of faulty projectors:

Sanyo Pro-X SVGA Multiverse Projector [Quantity: 12]

Sanyo PROxtraX Multiverese Projector [Quantity: 1]

NEC VT460 [Quantity: 1]

The problems these projectors have vary but they can be summarised as follows:

  1. Frequent shutdown/restart. Probably caused by clogging of the filters. We have cleaned all filters rigorously but it does not help.
  2. Image has discolouration along the bottom of the screen in a wide arc. We have taken one of these apart and we see an accumulation of dust along the lenses which recombine the separate colour feeds into one image. To have these cleaned commecially would be uneconomic and we do not have the time here to do it ourselves.
  3. Image is very dim. Swapping the lamp for a new one has no effect. We are not sure of the cause of this but again we feel that further investigation would be uneconomic.
Any interest in any of these bit of kit from anyone here? [Our Business Manager is currently considering an offer from a company wanting to buy them from us but I don't think that this idea will run]