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General Chat Thread, The way people are taught to drive today. in General; Originally Posted by StewartKnight Let me get this straight.... You went to an expert to learn how to improve your ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by StewartKnight View Post
    Let me get this straight....

    You went to an expert to learn how to improve your driving, but ignored their EXPERT advice?
    Is that why there is the CRUNCH in capncrunch ;-)

    thats why i have to double-Declutch / Heel n' Toe down in to second gear as the baulk rings in my gearbox are shot, tis a typical mini problem

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    Re: Undertaking, you need to watch out for stuff like this:

    My grandad ran into the back of someone at a roundabout. There was no need for the person in front to stop, and they did so very suddenly without any warning. He got out of the car, and someone got out of the car in front - but not the driver, he drove off and appeared a few moments later on foot. It was a minor collision

    So, grandad never got to see the extent of the damage on the other car and next thing he knew they were trying to make a claim for severe whiplash injuries as well as the apparent cost of repairs. Judging by the damage to his car there couldn't have been much damage to theirs.

    It was clear to us that the accident was organised to set up a situation where they could make a claim.

    With this in mind I managed to avoid what I suspect was an attempt to do the same to me. Travelling on the dual carriageway, the car in front of me was travelling at a similar speed and we were both in the slow lane. For no apparent reason the car I was following pulled into the fast lane and started slowing down. I slowed down (in order to avoid undertaking) and he slowed down even more.

    At this point I realised what he was doing; I think the plan was to make me undertake and then pull into me. The accident would then be "my fault"... but I didn't take the bait and he eventually sped off into the distance leaving me to drive as I wanted to.

    So watch out for stuff like that, you never know who's out there hoping to screw you over!

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    This is very common. If it happens to you and they drive away, I would drive away too. Or call the police and report them for failing to stop. Also faking a heart attack could be fun.

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    You can get some advanced driver training from various places, not to the same extent as some of the govenment ones though which I think is criminal. There should be opertunity to learn how to really handle a car as it would make the roads safer over all.

    Most commertial advanced training must be done on a track, you could try places like this:
    Advanced Driving Course

    Here in NZ and in Australia BMW do advanced driver training also but I was unable to fine any information about a simmilar program in the UK.

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