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I'm not sure about Andy Robinson - he speaks really well but I do think he is out of his depth as an international coach. However as I say that I think Scotland looked very good yesterday. Wales were pathetic in the first half and not much better in the second.

It seems sometimes that the Welsh don't believe they can win when really the Welsh backline was always better than the scots. Our scrum was more experienced. I give you the scottish kickers - they were amazing.

Dan Parks was gutted.

Ireland were poor yesterday so it seems France will be the team to beat. Les Bleus should wipe the floor with England, whilst England should beat Italy today.

The french do look good don't they ? I was impressed with Ireland for the first 15 of so mins though. You are right, they will be the team to beat & I think England will struggle.
I'm looking forward to the game this afternoon but I don't want England to hold back against them like they normally do.