I love MCS, the good old "we'll take you out for dinner and send you free stuff" computer company.
I know we've almost all had dealings with them, and I'm annoyed at myself for not being prepared today.
I had a call from them (the second time since working here) to say how they have just won a contract with the Premier League for toners and are giving away the free football shirts. Of course I feigned interest in football, and when asked if any of the kids would like it I said it's an all girls school (I know, I'll get some stick for that hehe). He then offered rugby or F1 merchandise instead. It's amazing how much free stuff the premier league contracts bring you, even F1 gear!!

He then tried going down the actual toner route of how many printers, what make and model. Not being prepared I just thought I'd see how long I could hold on with him so kept pretending I didn't know what make printers we have or what model number. After he asked me to "go and check what model number a printer is near you" I said I couldn't as I was very busy and he was the one calling me. Unfortunately I never got through my next sentence as he hung up

Well it made my morning anyway.....

Glad to be back too