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General Chat Thread, Power adapter question in General; My Toshiba external HDD PSU has died and I don't fancy shelling out 30 quid for a new adapter! The ...
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    Power adapter question

    My Toshiba external HDD PSU has died and I don't fancy shelling out 30 quid for a new adapter!

    The current one is a Dura Micro DM5127 3 pin one
    Input 100-240v 50-60hz 1.2a
    Output 5v 2A 12V 1.2A

    I've had a rummage and found a 2 pin adapter with the matching bit at the end to plug into external HDD

    Channel Well Technology PAG0342
    Input 100-240v 47-63hz 1.2a
    Output 5v 2A 12V 2A

    Would it work or go bang?

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    The numbers for the output all match up fine, BUT, make sure that the pin assignments do to! If this is not documented then you may struggle since you will not be able to put a multimeter on the old one to check them... Another alternative would be to buy a new enclose with PSU - maybe from here - Scan.co.uk: Leading supplier of Hard Drives - Ext.

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    External HDDs are very sensitive about getting the right number of volts. Mate of mine had both a laptop (with 19V PSU) and a HDD (12v PSU). Both PSUs had the same plug on.

    He did the inevitable, and mixed up the adapters putting 19V into the hard drive and fried it. He took my advice to replace with a bus powered model so he couldn't do that again!

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    As long as the current capability i.e Amps of the new one is the same or greater than the old one you will be fine.

    If it was lower you will have trouble.


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