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General Chat Thread, EU to assess piracy detection software in General; From BBC News - EU to assess piracy detection software A human rights watchdog has asked the European Commission to ...
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    EU to assess piracy detection software

    From BBC News - EU to assess piracy detection software

    A human rights watchdog has asked the European Commission to assess the legality of software being used to analyse file-sharing in the UK.

    "We want to understand what we can do to reduce illegal file-sharing. This will tell us things such as the name of the top ten tracks being shared as well as the percentage of legal versus illegal," said Mr Ahmad.

    Virgin Media is about to launch its own music service.
    To me this seems to be a very narrow minded view of piracey, "top 10 tracks", obviously its another targeted service, I can see the popups now .... you seem to be downloading an illegal version of <top 10 hit thats crap> did you know it only costs 59p in our store?

    Its only going to stop the casual user who cant/wont use SSL or similar!

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    All anti-piracy attempts like this do is make the methods of piracy more difficult to detect.

    Behaviour such as better pricing, less DRM, all you can eat services such as spotify etc... are what really reduce piracy.

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