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General Chat Thread, Arnold Clark Made a Boo Boo in General; Originally Posted by torledo so what would/could denote the legal title of ownership in an instance such as this with ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by torledo View Post
    so what would/could denote the legal title of ownership in an instance such as this with the OP's vehicle ?
    When the vehicle is paid for. The finance company are sperate to the dealership, they are merely acting as agents for the finance company. When the agreement goes through, the finance company pay the dealership for the car and then take on the mangement of the finance arrangement. Depending on the agreement, the ownership may pass to the finance company up until a certain point in the agreement, or even for the full term. One things for certain, at the moment as it stands because no money at all has changed hands, unfortunitely the OP will have no rights over the vehicle, even if it was the dealerships mistake.

    If you want to push your luck, ask for more money to be taken off to remburse you for the extra time/petrol/effort it takes to go back down to the dealership.
    There may be some milage in this (excuse the pun), you may be in a position to negotiate some more freebies, or even a discount or compensation for your time if you're lucky. Best thing is to approach it in a friendly manner, if you go in all guns blazing you probably won't get anything, go in with a pleasent manner, speak to the dealership manager and explain you're a bit miffed at having to keep returning to sort things out and more than likely you'll get what you want and more.

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