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General Chat Thread, Loads a Work in General; I have loads of work stacked up and its lovely Got a couple of couple of new switches and fibres ...
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    Loads a Work

    I have loads of work stacked up and its lovely

    Got a couple of couple of new switches and fibres to replace (not as easy as I thought)
    Got a lovley new server coming from CP which will be my new Hyper-V server running Sims
    Dumping a couple of small Hyper-Vs onto the new server and installing UAG to give it a blast.
    IT suite being replaced which I am hoping to put 7 on (currently XP only domain)
    Said suite also gets a new projector and a whiteboard surround (thanks Go education for the excellent price)

    Can't do much today but my February half term is going to be a right laugh

    Not complaining, just wish my capital trckled in instead of everyhting being okayed at once.

    So nice being the only IT person sometimes.

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    Sounds like it will be fun
    I can see my summer being like that, replacing half the classroom PC,s and re-imaging every laptop and desktop to Windows 7.

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    you too? we are replacing a room at half term if all our win7 testing gets done in time but some machines will be reused so loads of shifting around. I've still got some new switches to put in too and a new projector or two.
    sounds like we'll all be busy!

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