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    I have logmein ignition which I use on the train when commuting too and from work. I have my email setup for both work and personal.

    Just got mobileme and the nice thing is you can sync internet, favourites, calander, data, contacts and email with iphone... a pluss.. if the phone is lost or stolen you can locat it online, send messages, murder people (joke) erase everything remotely.

    and then the pluss it can be used as an excellent mp3/mp4 player

    the camera is poo, but then if you think about it, how many photos do you actually take with a camera phone.. me none, unless its work or for something to help me with wire points.

    pdf, and word is also supported... thinking...

    aaa yeah internet teathering allows you to huck your laptop/pc to it for net access... handy if you have internet usage on a contract.

    If you are happy with the contract that you have now. you could buy the phone on pay as you go... and have it unlocked for £15 via o2... not sure if voda or orange do the same.

    you can control your itunes on your home pc/laptop/multimedia tv/pc system. I could go on.

    the phone can be used for both buisness and personal, it all boils down to what apps you get, which to be fair are reasonably priced.

    bluetooth is alittle limited from what I understand... i.e. from my experience I can't connect to another palls phone who has a nokia, sony etc to send videos and images.

    but it does do mms, and the wifi connection comeins in handy.

    I do recommend that you get a good cover, come in loads of styles and variations, pluss a screen protector.


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    I can't rate the Nexus One highly enough, especially it's voice functions! No more typing on fiddly on screen keyboards for me. Once the reviews are in teh magazines next month you will all get to see how good this phone actually is.

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    I got my new decidely inexpensive LG KS360 yesterday, bought for it's QWERTY keyboard cos I'm a cack-handed texter.

    I was amused to find both my teenagers (owners of Samsung Tocco and Samsung Genio Touch) saying, after fiddling with it, that they really liked it. Both said they wanted QWERTY keyboards on their next phones (the current ones are only a few months old - they both saved up for them! )
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dos_Box View Post
    I can't rate the Nexus One highly enough, especially it's voice functions! No more typing on fiddly on screen keyboards for me. Once the reviews are in teh magazines next month you will all get to see how good this phone actually is.

    any chance of a youtube video from yerself to review the phone and show us the functions / voice control etc

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    Android phones are just going to keep getting better and better. I have the original HTC Dream (the T-Mobile G1) and I still love it even now, over twelve months after I started the contract. I use my phone for loads of things, not just the usual: checking email and my calendar, reading books, browsing the web, as a modem for my netbook, to search for cheaper products by scanning barcodes, instant messaging, watching BBC iplayer and Youtube....

    It's quite literally the best phone I've ever had. Granted the battery life isn't the best, but it goes two days without a charge and it's rare that I'm not near some kind of power source for that long.

    I can understand the appeal of the iPhone, but it's not flexible enough for what I need and the price is prohibitive. The Nexus One looks like my ideal phone, apart from the lack of a hardware keyboard which I don't think I could get along without. But then, there are rumours of an enterprise version which meets that demand....

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    HTC HD2
    I got it yesterday, I love it! I turn down the Iphone! & Blackberry! HTC HD2 its the Uber Geek Weapon of choice!
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    i got an HTC Hero on saturday, i cant put it down, there supposed to be releasing the android/senseUI 2.1 to all HTC phones in about march, cant wait !!!

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