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    Scrappage Scheme - Manufacturer's Deals

    I'm looking to take advantage of the scrappage scheme before the moolah runs out and the VAT rate goes up.

    Does anyone have any recomendations as to the best deal(s) out there? Any to avoid / horror stories?

    I'm looking for a small and economical car as the daughter will be taking her test soon and she'll be chomping on the bit for her own car when she passes.

    Also, any recomendations for car insurance - Cheapest quote so far to add her to my policy was £650!


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    Look the Yaris (1.0 litre engine) as we just bought one through the scrappage scheme and is saved us about 25%. The road tax is only £35 a year and the insurance is cheap.

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    You may stuggle with the VAT as most manufacturers are only building to order. I have just done this and it is worth going to a dealer that is exlusive to a manufacturer, as they may be able to move a car froma another dealer.

    I got a SEAT ibiza 1.2, cheaper running costs and vastly cheaper insurance, generally it has been OK although there have been a couple of niggling issues with the stereo and the door leaked due to a part not being fitted in the factory

    Can't help on the insurance
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