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General Chat Thread, Charging for Private Work - Advice Please! in General; Originally Posted by sidewinder Or just take the common sense approach and dont do any of that. If you're not ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by sidewinder View Post
    Or just take the common sense approach and dont do any of that. If you're not doing it in works time, why would you ever bother with declaring it? If you do something for a mate and they give you a tenner for helping them out, do you declare that?
    Common sense route would be to-do things above board. Why would I risk my job and fines for common sense and back handers. Don't we despise people who do that?

    Obviously your opinion is different on the matter, but that's your choice.

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    I would agree all work should be accounted, booked and relevant taxes etc paid - yes its a pain in the arse but its the taxes etc that are for the national health service, defence etc etc.

    I do a lot of private work and declare every penny - then if the Inland Rev decide to check your income i can prove every penny and that ive accounted for it - if you dont they can decide what you should pay tax on and how much plus the fines for non declaration etc - an old freiend of mine did cash in hand work and got found out - he had to payin excess of £12,000 in back taxes, fines and costs etc.



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    That price seems pretty fair, its likely to take a fair amount of time to do it and they wouldn't get it fixed cheaper anywhere else.

    I tend to diagnose and fix for free if its only going to take me 30mins or so, any more and I start charging. In the past I've found that some people will happily abuse a free service for any and every problem they have

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    Personally I'd just do it... we tend to view the odd favour to a teacher as school IT support at least indirectly. If they then want to buy drink or something to say thankyou then that's an extra bonus.

    I've always been a bit of a utopian though.

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    i generally turn down work regarding hardware on laptops unless its replace ram, replace wireless card, keyboard etc or if its screen if i can find a guide online for that model then ii may say yes

    just scared of breaking stuff

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