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General Chat Thread, Top 10 things ICT Support would like you to know. in General; While sitting here with a beer induced brain... I seem to remember this came from the System Administrator Appreciation Day ...
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    While sitting here with a beer induced brain... I seem to remember this came from the System Administrator Appreciation Day site somewhere. (This site by the way, I fully endorse!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by nephilim View Post
    I sent a copy to my boss asking if I can send it around, and I am being deadly serious
    I am going to print it, laminate it, and leave it somewhere where it can 'accidentally' be read by anyone coming into the office.

    It's about time ICT technicians bit back!

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    Could not agree more lol

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    Now if I put this into Publisher I could technically print this at any size, give or take some sticking together....
    So the real question is, "how much A3 I need to totally cover my Office wall?"

    I particulalry like 8 and 10.

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    Quote Originally Posted by synaesthesia View Post
    One of my primaries suffers from staff who all label things as "URGENT" in their best red childrens-homework marking pens - and 95% of the time they are rather less urgent than the single daily toilet-break I attend. Most of them are a "nicety", many are just questions and some are absolutely ludicrous.

    *URGENT* HUGE problem! There's no sound and I can't teach the curriculum!*URGENT*

    Which actually translated to (yes, this is real)
    "I can't appear to listen to my favoured melodies via Last.FM since xyz software was installed"
    Ah, but you see they weren't actually linking the no-sound with their inability to teach


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    Quote Originally Posted by stratisphere View Post
    • Not everything you ask me to do is “urgent”. In fact, by marking things as “urgent” every time, you almost ensure that I treat none of it as a priority.
    • You are not the only one who needs help, and you usually don’t have the most urgent issue. Give me some time to get to your problem, it will get fixed.
    One of the Senior Leadership at my old school had a problem with this... he'd often call us on radio (which we mostly carried to call in skiving students) and ask for our location, to which we'd reply "we're busy at the moment sir, can we get back to you..." which was always answered with "well whatever you're doing now, this is priority, I need you now". This without knowing what we were doing - I could've been stood with fire extinguisher in the server room and he'd still expect me to drop everything and come running to help him.

    More annoyingly, the "problem" was usually that this senior-leadership-pay-scaled, maths-teaching Data Analyst couldn't work Excel - he genuinely asked me to explain the average function to him once. How can you teach GCSE Maths and not work =AVERAGE() in a spreadsheet? Surely he could do it the full way, sum()/x?

    Everyone thought the same of him though - he was always one to do everything last minute and expect everyone else to drop everything to help him. Glad to be rid of him! Just worried that there's another one like him at my new school...

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