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General Chat Thread, Networking in Schools in General; I have to do a presentation in a few weeks time on Networking in Schools, its for student teachers on ...
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    Networking in Schools

    I have to do a presentation in a few weeks time on Networking in Schools, its for student teachers on the SCITT programme. I havent had any detaisl of what exactly i should mention but would be greatful if anyone out there had done this kind of thing before, or could think of any bullet points to base my presentation on. I presume it will have to higlight the use/benefits of using a network within a school etc...


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    Re: Networking in Schools

    Well primarily networking allows the sharing of data. This is its prime advantage/function. It also modernises the way we communicate in the form of e-mail and networking allows us to all to connect to the world's biggest resource, the internet!

    I'm sure you know all of this already, but it's important to mention the disadvantages as well which'll lead you to talk about spyware and viruses Any excuse to give you more topics to talk about.

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    Re: Networking in Schools

    There are a number of places on t'internet that have basic info about networking.

    Depending on what you are looking for you can try How Stuff Works.

    There are also many resources at TechRepublic that the free login can get you ... they have some very nice material on the OSI model in fact ...

    Then there are many things that may be helpful about networks in schools on the Becta site ... I would search the Becta Research Network first before trying other sections ... and if you can't find anything first time use google to search it too (the Becta search engine is getting better since they moved over to the Google engine, but sometimes the main Goolge site still comes up trumps).

    These sites pretty much cover the technical aspect and the educational benefits ...

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