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General Chat Thread, Cancelling Sky is a Joke!! in General; Hi Guys, Just a few questions I would like to ask about sky! 1. Do you know why they don't ...
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    Cancelling Sky is a Joke!!

    Hi Guys,

    Just a few questions I would like to ask about sky!

    1. Do you know why they don't offer a cancellation fee option? We are prepared to pay this but they don't give the option.

    2. What would happen if we just cancelled my direct? As I haven't recieved a direct debit guarantee, nor have I signed for anything.


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    I think if its within the 12 month contract you can do it but you will have to pay back any of the offers you initially got when you signed up "Free Installation", "Free Box and Dish" etc.

    It will probably be cheaper depending on how long you have to run on your contract to downgrade to the cheapest package about £17 per month and pay that until the 12 months are up.

    I wouldn't personally just cancel the DD as you will get a bad credit rating and they will chase and chase for your details.

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    They operate in a similar way to mobile phone networks, and base their service terms on the fact that they subsidise the original cost of hardware based on the full term of your contract.

    I believe, technically, it is illegal for anyone not to offer a final cancellation fee - but, that fee might be exactly the same as the total number of remaining payments left on your account!

    Your best bet might be to drop to the lowest package (£15 is?) and just let it run?

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    I had a similar thing with Virgin. They wouldn't let me downgrade and the only way to get out of it is to pay for the rest of the contract. The same happened with my BT contract.

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