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General Chat Thread, Reduce Virgin Media Costs in General; ...
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    Reduce Virgin Media Costs

    For those of you who have been with Virgin Media a long time - check what you pay against the new customer deals on their web site. If you can get a cheaper deal as a new customer then contact the billing dept who will try and fob you off with an excuse. Politely ask for customer services and explain again nicely (Be prepared for a long wait on hold)

    I did and I got £10.25 knocked off my monthly tariff

    I'm committed to a new 12 month contract but that was no bother seeing as I've been with them since the 'Telewest' days

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    Yep, used that angle twice in the last year (only been a customer for just over a year).

    Done quite well with it, and the internet connection is lovely. (50meg, no throttling yet etc, not bothered when it comes but the feelings nice).

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    Hi all,

    I think i've done pretty well but i'd like to post up to see if anyone's willing to compare -
    I pay £40 ish per month, for which i get the phone line, unlimited evening and weekend calls, 2 v+ boxes (one in the lounge one in my bedroom) - both legal registered, got the XL package on the telebox, and 50mb net.
    And i didn't pay for the V+ boxes when they were upgraded from normal ones (i had one normal one, went to 2 v+ boxeS) as i convinced them i'd run the cables myself, cabling which i already had as i do a fair few digital coax installations, and managed to get the boxes free somehow.

    Anyone beat that / paying more, etc?


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    I know a few that get it all for free so yeah. But that is not legal so in that sense no.

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    This works with other companies. I think the law states that they can't offer something to a new customer and deny it to a customer of more than 6 months standing without a good reason - or something to that effect, anyway. This is one industry where threatening to go elsewhere really does work - Virgin Mobile couldn't offer me anything better, until I mentioned that I wished to switch to another provider...

    As for Media, we had a £7 per month discount applied indefinitely after a complaint - so if you've had bad service, whack off an email - you never know.

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