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General Chat Thread, Moving ICE from one focus to another. in General; Hi Previously i had a focus (earlier model) which I purchased an aftermarket radio for which was a Sony DAB6650 ...
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    Moving ICE from one focus to another.


    Previously i had a focus (earlier model) which I purchased an aftermarket radio for which was a Sony DAB6650 radio, i now want to take this out my old car and move it into my new Focus (newer model).

    I pulled out the stereo from the old focus and was shocked with all the cables..... there were so many! I left it in there because I thought I would never be able to reconnect this into the new focus. The additional difficulty is the aftermarket stereo has a dab aerial which I will need to remove also.

    I believe I would need to buy a new face plate to suit the new focus shape, do I need to buy different cables or would the cables from the old focus work? Sorry I dont know what the correct names for the cables are.

    I attach some pictures to hopefully help.

    If I successfully manage to take it out, in the old focus I want to put the original ford stereo back in, I have misplaced the radio code. Does anyone know where I could get this from?

    Many thanks
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Moving ICE from one focus to another.-08112009682.jpg   Moving ICE from one focus to another.-08112009684.jpg   Moving ICE from one focus to another.-08112009687.jpg   Moving ICE from one focus to another.-08112009690.jpg   Moving ICE from one focus to another.-08112009686.jpg  

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    Ford dealer can get code but they do charge
    you would get a cheaper replacement from scrap yard or ebay

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    I only know about Mondeos but they use the same head units so in theory its the same - it's something known as a quad block. If it doesn't fir, Halfrauds will sell you one, and theyll sell you a face plate too.

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    Car Audio Direct for car stereo, subwoofers, amplifiers, car speakers, CD players

    Also do a lot of audio adaptors. It might help to have a look and see if they offer different adaptors for the Mk1 and Mk2 Focus.

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    when its all unplugged the only wires you should have left to plug back into the old stereo are the big fat blue wire (standard areil) and the brown & black plugs in pic 5

    everything else should be removed

    once it's all removed follow the wires from the stereo back to the first lot of connectors and let me know what plug is there (post up a picky) and we should be able to advise on the cable you need


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    Nip down to halfords, grab the guy out of there and get him to advise you...

    There usually pretty pucker at that sort of thing and because your at halfords you can buy it all there and then.

    p.s If you have to it yourself then...

    1. Buy a 1 DIN adapter for your car (makes the radio hole smaller), should just slot in place after taking out original radio

    2. Unplug all the wires out of the old car, plug into new car (because there both focuses you already have the plug adapters)

    3. Job done, unless it needs a code which you should have

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