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General Chat Thread, Staff IT Training ideas in General; I am going to be running some 'drop in' sessions for our staff over the next 4 weeks. I am ...
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    Staff IT Training ideas

    I am going to be running some 'drop in' sessions for our staff over the next 4 weeks. I am just going to cover simple everyday problems that they may come across such as...

    why doesnt my IAWB work
    I cant access SIMS
    Using the room booking system
    Accessing thier school email from home

    Just easy trouble shooting for themselves before calling us (yes i will stress the importance of turning it off and on again )

    Can any of you think of anything else that would be good to cover?


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    How to read Office 2007 docs in anything else or vice versa (compatibility pack)
    How to set up internet at home - changing proxy etc
    How to get external speakers to work on a laptop (you'd think it was easy, but no...)
    How to adjust power/hibernation/standby settings on a laptop or computer
    How to set a password on sensitive documents
    How to use the printers
    How to change a password and what makes a good password
    (and that was just today!!)

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    IWB Calibration

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    Why giving your IT department cakes and biscuits is a good thing.
    Hmmm... hard to think of legitimate things that aren't already covered.

    Perhaps something like - what can I and what can't I do with my LFT (assuming you have those)?


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