I saw this on 28th October and meant to post it then but events overtook me and then I forgot about it.

Our Sixth Form Tutors were grateful upon reading my E-Mail on this so I thought it might be useful to you also:

As the UCAS deadline looms on 15 January, the Government offers advice to thousands of students applying for a place at university.

2009 is set to be another record year for education with thousands of people due to apply for university places through UCAS. However, with around 50,000 different courses to choose from and the application deadline coming up on the 15 January, the process can be a daunting and complicated one.

To help students make these important decisions, Directgov, the Nation’s official website, has set up dedicated support pages to help students with their choices and to take the pain out of the process.

Maxine McKenzie, Head of Citizen Communications at Directgov, said: “As selecting the right course is such a large step for many students, the university application process can be very daunting. By collating this information in one place and adding plenty of helpful tips on how to navigate your way through the experience, we hope potential students can be as informed as possible to help make the right choice for them.”

Directgov hosts a range of tips and official UCAS links for all those considering entering higher education, in a language that’s easy to understand, including information on:

• How to apply? – choosing the right course, university, how to fill out your UCAS form and key dates in the application process

• What is higher education really like? – tips on handling studying and making friends

• Is higher education right for you? – the benefits of higher education

• Student life – tips on preparing for university

• Student finance – when should you apply and what are you entitled to?

• Applying as a mature student – information on why study as a mature student, long-distance, part-time and flexible learning

• Student housing – finding somewhere to live

For more information and to access these services visit Website of the UK government : Directgov.

For more information on Directgov contact: Directgov@3-monkeys.co.uk or 020 7009 3100 or helen.beckett2@directgov.gsi.gov.uk or 020 7829 3817
Source and full article: Students Can Find Help With Their Applications On Directgov