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General Chat Thread, Anyone know anything about Microphones? in General; Basically the staff in our new business centre would like headset mics so they can address the whole class easily ...
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    Anyone know anything about Microphones?

    Basically the staff in our new business centre would like headset mics so they can address the whole class easily without having to shout, as it's such a large space.

    This is the sort of thing Shure WH20QTR Headset Microphone | DV247 but we would like ones with a push-to-talk button on the cable so they can choose easily when their voice is heard. Also as they are going to be used everyday, we're looking for a wireless pack to go with them which is rechargeable, preferably in some sort of cradle so we don't get through batteries like water! I've had a look on websites like the above one, but there's so much to chose from I really don't know where to start - microphones are not my area really, although there's no one else to ask which is why I've been asked to sort these out.

    I know it's going to cost a fair bit for a decent setup, but they're prepared to pay as it will be well used.

    Anyone able to help?


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    radio lisencing will be changing in 2012... just so that you know.

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    I Would always use one of these, Really robust, I think there great, used them in schools, colleges, a church, bassically working with people who drop them, and do anything which could damage them but they still work nicely. bomb proof these are.

    Sennheiser EW 152 G2 Wireless Microphone System | DV247

    Has a mute button on the belt pack, and you can use rechargeables

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