of the divisional series between these two is on tonight/this morning.

anyone else staying up to watch/follow the game ?

My absolute favourite baseball player of all-time, the great pedro martinez, is starting for the phillies. And he's either going to roll back the years and pitch the phillies into a match winning position, or he doesn't take to the predicted 20degreesF temperatures in colorado and get's pulled out of the game early by charlie manuel. The latter scenario would pretty much curtail his involment in the starting roster for the rest of the postseason [even if the phillies overcome the rockies in the series] you would have thought.

This type of comeback story is what the postseason is all about. The big names and personalities coming to the fore or wilting under the pressure providing suitable headlines for the copywriters.
A-Rod seems to be flavour of the month over in new york and the smart money seems to be on he and texeira facing off against pujols and holliday in the world series, but i for one would like to see the phillies disrupt the obvious finale. And one last hurrah for pedro, for those memorable years in boston. And because it's never been more fun to watch him pitch as it is today, at 37 years of age, years of shoulder problems later, and 10mph slower than at his peak. But healthier, more composed and experienced with the same control and mixture of bamboozling deliveries.

cometh the hour.....