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General Chat Thread, Holiday entitlement / xmas in General; It good you don't work for MS they are open on Christmas Day!!! I do have to say that employers ...
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    It good you don't work for MS they are open on Christmas Day!!! I do have to say that employers are mean with holiday as most of us get about 22+8 bank holidays and then we have to work with people who get 65 days!!

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    One possible way round this is what I have done in the past and that is to negotiate with your Headteacher to work from home during the school closure period. Install LogMeIn on your workstation so you can get to the network, take home a laptop and catch up with all the documentation that you have been meaning to do, take the opportunity to revamp the intranet/website etc etc. I managed to find loads of stuff to do from home to keep me legitimately occupied during the closure period and avoided having to use holiday or lose pay.

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    Many thanks to all who answered - very helpful comments basically leading me to think it is less of an issue than I thought it might be.

    As I suggested in a previous message, personally it was never too much of a problem - I'm a key holder and have a good relationship with Leadership which gives me the freedom to work when required/wanted. The main reason for the enquiry was for non-IT support staff who had talked about it leading to me question it! I can now feedback a decent amount of info.

    Thanks all

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    I get 24 days plus all bank holidays (8 I think). We work all over the holidays but get the time between December 25th - January 1st off without it coming out of our holidays. This year it works out as another 4 or 5 days off, which is nice. I have a feeling we finish on the 22nd or 23rd as well anyway.

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    Have a read through this - it should clarify any points or questions.
    Holiday entitlements: the basics : Directgov - Employment

    All you can do is suggest to the appropriate person that it seems a bit unfair being forced to take seven days out of your annual leave, and maybe you could come to a compromise. Ultimately, pretty much anything can be arranged at the schools discretion.

    Good luck with it.

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