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General Chat Thread, Identifying Children in General; Most of our kids look blurred in real life so they'd still be recognisable!...
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    Most of our kids look blurred in real life so they'd still be recognisable!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrbb View Post
    Along the lines of the smiley face, if any of my photos have a face that could be identified if the image was enlarged, I slightly blur the child's face in paint shop pro, it doesn't show as a blur when the image is normal size (400x300 px) but does when enlarged.

    I know this makes me seem totally neurotic, but I am!

    That's really clever

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    We went for Opt-Out, as said above most parents can't be bothered to write a letter and take it in.

    Infact we only had one child who could not be published online out of 1600 kids and I just asked that anyone who takes pictures at events/trips/anywhere he is likely to be, lets me know when giving me the pictures for publishing so I can check he isn't in them.

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