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General Chat Thread, Samsung NC10 Netbook + Norton 360 V3 - £228.35 @ Staples instore only in General; Originally Posted by SimpleSi When did Samsung slip in a 3 cell version??? Simon they have a 3 cell & ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by SimpleSi View Post
    When did Samsung slip in a 3 cell version???

    they have a 3 cell & 6 cell version the ebuyer one is the 6

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    Well I got one from Staples last night. Sold Norton 360 on eBay for £20 last night. Ubuntu now sliding on nicely as I type. Not too worried about the fact it's a 3 cell battery as it's only going to be used for less than an hour a day.

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    the NC10 is a ledge on a netbook - is it a netbook, cos if feels more like a laptop to me, it's certainly a good buy no matter what. i have the 6 cell version and have been getting 12 hours or more out of it, about 10 playing music through headphones. the xp version they send is quite nice too. i havent tryed the nc10 with ubuntu but my asus 901eees' battery life dimished once i put ubuntu on it - dont know why but aparently it's known that batter life is longer with xp than ubuntu.

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