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General Chat Thread, NAS at home in General; Hi all i am looking for a cheap NAS, for the home which also has a usb connection that I ...
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    NAS at home

    Hi all i am looking for a cheap NAS, for the home which also has a usb connection that I can connect up manually and a anotehr to connect a printer. A quiet one so you wont notice it there. I was thinking of connect to my wireless router and redirect each computer in the house to a shared file on the nas each pc has it own indivudal folder and set quota's. also a script on each of the pc that if it cant see the nas store on the pc and then sync and delete once it see the nas again.

    Is this all possible and are NAS secure?

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    i don't know if FreeNAS can do all what you want, but its a linux based distro ( i think) that runs on an old PC.

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    freenas will do all that you need.

    runs on freebsd.


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    I've got two sat under my TV - both hacked to varying degrees to add functionality.

    Linksys NSLU2 - with custom firmware running Debian Etch and Samba. Can run all sorts of software on this. It's running at the moment from a 4Gb USB stick as a SSH server mostly. I have used this as a CUPS server to share a printer before but it wasn't as easy to use as the buffalo for printer sharing.

    The one I'd recommend is a this Buffalo NAS. I chose this because as well as a reasonable NAS it can download torrents, stream music to itunes, stream video to an Xbox 360 (and a PS3 I believe), has basic time machine functionality and more. (The hack was to open up telnet and ssh - didn't need to do any more). I also use this to share my laser printer across the network too (usb)

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