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General Chat Thread, Anyone ever bought anything refurb from Apple? in General; I'm currently musing over the purchase of a 30Gb iPod Video, and am very tempted by the offer of a ...
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    Anyone ever bought anything refurb from Apple?

    I'm currently musing over the purchase of a 30Gb iPod Video, and am very tempted by the offer of a refurb one for £143 over at the Apple Store.

    Was just wondering if anyone here had bought anything from Apple which is sold as refurbished? Really looking for comments on the quality of their refurb stuff. It's a good saving, but not good enough if its going to look secondhand!

    Their marketing schpiel (?sp) goes into detail about the technical points of the process, but doesn't really make it clear if your going to get a 'showroom' condition one, or one with all the scratches that appear 10 seconds after taking out of the box!

    I'd be very interested to hear any feedback.



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    Re: Anyone ever bought anything refurb from Apple?

    I don't have direct experience of buying from the refurb store, but I've read many an experience from people who have on the MoneySavingExpert forum that I post on.

    This is a long set of posts, but there are some comments on the quality received (sounds like it's difficult to tell whether they're new or refurb, apart from the box!):


    I was looking at a refurb iBook myself earlier this year, but have decided to put the funds aside for moving first, then new Macbook (probably a refurb!) later...

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    Re: Anyone ever bought anything refurb from Apple?

    I've had refurb stuff from Amsys before (one of the main repair agents) but that has dried up since the refurb store has opened really ...

    Generally passed the stuff onto others, but have had 2x 2nd gen iPods (still going), 1 G4 (dual mirrored door) ... still running, 2x G5 (single and dual flavour) and 1x lampstan iMac (screen died after being hit by a bouncing ball, but was fixed and still works).

    I do know of a few people who have had issues within the first 30 days ... but you get a 90 day warranty so they got sorted out.

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