I guess only people from Merseyside might use this service - I for one used it as my primary email service until recently when I changed over to gmail (more space).

Now I find they have shut it down due to "technical reasons"..

Well, it seems there is a bit of a security issues going on. I found this site: Mersey Mail MerseyMail owned by Connect Internet Solutions exposes thousands of Scousers emails to scammers hackers attack, holes and vunerability | LingsCars.com - Blog

Apparantly, anyone who sends an email from Merseymail allows themself to be hacked into by the person receiving the email.

MerseyMail are tonight exposing thousands of their Liverpool-based clients to scammers by leaving their customers email accounts open to being hacked. Any intruder who gets a email reply from a MerseyMail customer can immediately access all the mail and information in the private account. This applies to businesses and private individuals who use Mersey Mail.
Thank god I changed over to gmail some time back! Just need to sort out those odd few accounts to websites where I signed up with my merseymail addy! They now only allow IMAP access for the next month (receiving only) - what about all the technically incompetant who can barely turn the computer on - how will they work their way through what is probably technical gobble!