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General Chat Thread, Documentation in General; I'm working hard on getting the network documentation up to scratch, and just wondered what you guys document. This is ...
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    I'm working hard on getting the network documentation up to scratch, and just wondered what you guys document. This is what I have documented so far:

    • Contact numbers
    • Server Schema's
    • Cabinets (both a view of each cabinet, and the major cabling routes)

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    I don't have all of this, but its something I am working on.

    IP addresses
    cabling map
    server explanations
    Disaster Recovery Policy
    switch settings,
    fibre runs
    partition details for the servers
    list of passwords
    PC serial numbers / Stock Book
    Port list by Room
    Active Directory OU Locations
    DHCP Configuration
    Static IP's
    Exluded Ranges

    -how to build a new machine (software wise)
    -adding users (any special procedure) - depends on how documentation happy you are at the time

    Software Configuration:
    -what software programs are installed throughout the school, how and where they are installed.

    User roles:What types of users are there
    What does each type of user have access to ie printers, drives, software networks

  3. Thanks to Sylv3r from:

    john (8th August 2009)

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    Sounds like what I am going for, also adding in details of all cabinets, port locations from them EG Port 1 in the panel goes to Room 21 (Room 21s points are stickered up but we all know kids and stickers!).

    Each cabinet will be given a unique ID number eventually when I get them all installed in the few remaining places (and a few moved to where they need to be for optimal fibre runs)
    Details of phone extensions / pairs to cabinets and cable routes (similar to what you do with the copper just include phones if you have them to deal with)
    Same with CCTV, Display Screens etc etc

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