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General Chat Thread, Possible new tax on the motorist!? in General; Originally Posted by Martin If you looked at the true cost, i bet that cars would be cheaper, as well ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Martin View Post
    If you looked at the true cost, i bet that cars would be cheaper, as well as more convenient, more practical, more flexible, and when the public transport workers decide to go on strike - you can still get home!

    Not sure about the true cost side of it ( as I don't want to get into a debate about it but as for more convenient etc I totally agree

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    I used to use public transport for work. If I left work on time my next train would be in 25 mins (they came at just before the half hour) the bus had to catch at the other end was a coin toss on wether it would come, turn up, be early or late. An hour would be the average it would take me, normally longer though. If I stayed too late the trains would cut to 1 an hour and the buses would get even more random in their timings or just stop. Staff socials were a no.
    To get in I would have a choice of being 25mins early to work or 15 mins late. I had to catch the first bus or I had no choice but to get the later train & infact if the first bus was delayed or didn't turn up (which happened often) I may as well head home and wait for a much later train as there was a huge gap between the 2 trains compared to the buses.
    By my own transport it takes 20-35 mins on average, depending on when I leave. I get to leave when I feel I need to, I can pop in on a friend on the way back or come back in to socials.
    I did love training it in, I could listen to music or podcasts & read a book. I had some time of my own, great thinking time. But there was no way I could rely on it. or seriously use it for anything other than peak time use. So without even looking at the cost public transport loses. & i think that is a huge factor for many people.

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    Taking into account all things, its much cheaper for me to drive to work than to walk or use public transport.

    Driving - 6 minutes, LPG engine so works out around £1 for fuel at most. Same travelling home. The van's cheap to maintain (and the cost should be fairly spread around all the travelling I do, so with an upkeep of maybe £1500 a year including tax and insurance and a mileage over 10 000 I'm paying £0.15 per mile for upkeep. Work is four miles by road, so we're looking at under £2 per journey)

    Bus - £2.90 into town after a maximum of an hour's wait at the bus stop. Average wait is twenty minutes. Then a further £2 to work afterwards. Total time taken is at least an hour, and that's on a good day. It can take that long to get into town, then its another half-hour wait for a bus to work, and as much as a half-hour again into work. Call it an average of an hour. £4.90 per journey.

    Walking - Despite the fact that work is four miles by road that's an A road, bordered on both sides by private fields. In order for me to walk into work is ten mile trek. Free, but uses up 2.5 hours.

    Now given that I consider my time to be valuable, even if I just assign it a value of £2 per hour, driving is by far and away the only sensible way for me to travel to work.

    I actually rate my time a bit higher than that since for example having time before I leave for work means I can make myself breakfast, and a lunch. Otherwise I'd be looking at buying one. Equally coming home late leaves me rarely wanting to cook, so a quick trip home saves money there too.

    It doesn't matter how many sticks they try to throw at me, the van is simply the most sensible option. A carrot in the form of a quick, easy trip to work by bus might persuade me otherwise however.

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