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General Chat Thread, £70 Amazon voucher. What to buy? in General; Originally Posted by nephilim My office window is about 7ft from the floor, so if i wanted to look out, ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by nephilim View Post
    My office window is about 7ft from the floor, so if i wanted to look out, I would have to climb my desk. lol
    Make sure you do a risk assesment first, have three points of contact at all times and, preferably, wear a high-vis vest and hard hat

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    Isn't 7ft harness height?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ric_ View Post
    He could always invite the reginonal manager into the office for a meeting about it and leave briefly, with the door accidentally locking behind him.

    See how acceptable a room with no window is then
    I think that's deemed illegal, but there is something in the H&S Act about working in rooms without natural light for over so many hours a day I believe which you could find to your advantage....

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