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Even worse was the fact a wheel fell off a car later on as a reminder of last week.

I think there are going to be some rule changes maybe I think I may agree with them for once! - risking other poeples lives by desperatly trying to drive your car around the track in order to get back to the pits simply to try and get a few points or stay in the race is dangerous and I think it needs to be clamped down on maybe.

from what i read, alonso thought he had a puncture. so the wheel coming off completely he probably didn't anticipate. Anyway, that's what true racing drivers do. Bit falls off the car, try and get back to the pits somehow to see if it can be replaced.

the danger is part of the appeal of the sport. If you try and sanitize it too much, then what's the point in watching ? they already diluted the racing in previous years with slow speed chicanes that drivers just end up cutting across.

one thing i hate about the stewards is that they are constantly investigating toe-to-toe racing incidents.

If drivers are constantly thinking in the back of their head about not pulling off a manouvere that some part-time steward might object to, then i'm not going to help fund the drivers' multimillion pound salary. It's not the stewards who fund formula 1, it's us the tv tax payer and consumer of the advertisers products. Part of me think's it's a shame the punish team mistakes, that's what makes the sport interesting.

the sport is still interesting inspite of the best efforts of the likes of ecclestone to hawk it around the boiling middle east wastelands for petrodollars, and the best efforts of the ferrari friendly administrators. but for how much longer ?