dont't forget the government guidlines in your evaluation:

To enable educators and learners to have a fulfilling and useful ICT experience it is necessary for
them to have access to relevant applications, both administrative and pedagogical. Ensuring each
institution makes efficient use of ICT could lead to a reduction in administrative burden, improved
communications and an enhanced learning experience by allowing greater personalisation,
assessment and continuity of learning. Although the needs of each individual user and institution will
differ, a basic core set of applications needs to be made available to all, allowing manipulation of text,
images (including video), tables and sounds.

Design criteria

• Pedagogical and administrative applications shall support open standards that allow the
import and export of data in a range of commonly used formats that are independent of a
particular platform.
• All educational applications shall provide an interface that is designed or can be tailored to
suit the age and ability of the learners.
• Documents and data which are intended potentially to have a long lifetime should not be
solely saved to proprietary file formats.
• Where only proprietary standards are available, strategies should be provided for migrating
to open formats if and when they become available.
• Applications used in institutions should be designed for network installation.