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General Chat Thread, Girl gets sunburn at school after suncream ban in General; ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post

    It's interesting the post above (especially the bold text). The number of deaths are still consistent but the paperwork has ballooned. It says a lot really.
    It says a lot; sadly, what it says is b*llocks!!

    Jim Higham, group head of safety at Willmott Dixon, agreed. “There is a huge effort going into the education of the lads on site to keep a greater watch on health and safety,” he said, adding that this, rather than the downturn, had made the difference.
    Read more: Fatality rate predicted to be lowest since records began - Building
    There are people who make up stupid H&S rules but there aren't anywhere near as many as some of the press would have you believe. Too often stories (like the one quoted saying death rates haven't changed) are simply lies - sadly, they're then picked up, quoted and they spiral and it becomes "fact" when actually, it's just NOT TRUE!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by srochford View Post
    Agreed but what you also get are the people with no *&^!"& common sense!

    Safety is all about risk assessment - "how likely is it that X could happen" and "if X happens, how bad would it be"

    In the sun cream case you're saying "how likely is it that it could be splashed or transferred onto someone else who could be harmed" and "if it splashed on someone else, what harm would it do"

    The likelihood is not very high - kids in a playground do bump into each other but most won't come to any harm from it. The harm it would do is pretty minute; in most cases there might be mild itching.

    The sensible response would be to do something like making sure that the school is notified of severe allergies and you then take steps to protect those children (perhaps isolate them or make sure they are covered up when other children are using sun cream)

    It seems that too few people can do the basic maths involved in working out risk (I'd guess that's the reason so many people play the lottery etc) and so we get nonsense like this case!
    Common sense is mis leading - if it was that common it wouldn't be an issue in the first place.

    Also @ make sure the school is notified of allergies I was thinking along the same lines which would entail ( as far as I am aware and correct me if I am wrong ) but going to the doctors to test for different allergies and obviously like you say going from there with regards to sun cream

    LOL @ thats why people play the lottery

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