Are ruddy numpties. How's this for a bit of taking the mickey.

Tax credits. Been getting them for years, no problems. Last year, changed bank account as a result of going bankrupt. Changed details with HMRC or whoever it is. No problem, it's all transferred without issue.

This year. Got my P60 for the last year, sent the details through, and get told I'm due a fairly hefty refund which must be made in 2 payments. That was 3 months ago. Phoned up last week to find out when we get them. "You've been paid both of them, sir"

"eh? Not according to my statements. Getting my current tax credit award without problem, as well as child benefits."

So, they go away to investigate. Phoned back just now to chase it up.

Apparently, because it was the tax year 07/08, they paid it to the bank account that was registered then, which apparently is standard practice. Asked how on gods earth that should be the case as people do change bank accounts and considering they have ALL my current details, and even pay current benefits and awards into my current account, why on earth they thought I might want paying into an account that no longer exists? Especially as they are fully aware of every single account everyone has, and status such as bankruptcy etc.
And they didn't want to do much about it, as it's been paid. Lots of arguing later and they're finally going to sort it out, into the correct account. I even had to give them the account details again, despite them already paying in, yada yada.

How ruddy thick are these people?