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General Chat Thread, Electronic Drums in General; Hi all, We got any drummers in here? I wanna learn drums but dont have the room or neighbours for ...
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    Electronic Drums

    Hi all,

    We got any drummers in here? I wanna learn drums but dont have the room or neighbours for acoustic kits so im looking at electronic kits just for me to practise on. My mate has given me a few lessons and i want to carry on as its hard for him to spare time.

    Im looking at the Roland TD3 or Session DD505.....anyone got any experience with these?


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    Roland is normally a safe bet.

    Not sure about those models but I know they do some where you get a v-drums snare (which are awesome) and some lower end pads which are pretty good value

    basically you're looking for two things- quality pads with good response and a decent sound processor.

    A lot of the newer gear can be rack mounted in a normal drum rack too, which is nice if you want to switch with acoustic gear.

    I'd also say it's worth getting a decent bass pedal to use with the bass pad, as the supplied ones are usually pants, and these can be used with acoustic kits too - consider double pedal too.

    Iron cobra's are a recommendation

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    Roland's TD series are just gorgeous, although I've played the TD12s not TD3s. You'll find cheaper kits are just hit or not; TD12s have a variable response depending how hard you hit them and where (rims etc) and the cymbals even respond to grabs

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    If you get a chance, and live close to Birmingham, head down to the Birmingham PMT (Performance Music Technology) Center. It's a great place to go. They have a fair few kits you can try out, see which kind of thing you like, and ranging from expensive to fairly cheap. They also have really helpful and knowledgeable people there, who are drummers themselves.

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