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General Chat Thread, NHS new advice on pupil ???? in General; @Andrew_C: So what are you advocating here Andrew? besides being open and honest to which I feel most parents who ...
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    So what are you advocating here Andrew? besides being open and honest to which I feel most parents who care about their children are.
    Do you believe in under age sex, promiscuity, rising teenage pregnancies.
    I feel it is not the education which is at fault but the system which allows this to happen in the first place by being too complacent.

    If there were consequences for teenagers who dabbled in under age sex then possibly just possibly there might be a drop in the number.

    It is so easy to blame everyone else but the people who perpetrate such actions and this is the teenagers themselves.

    BTW I have 2 teenagers who know right from wrong and how to behave morally in today's society, because I have been open and honest with them they respect what I have taught them and from their own experiences it has been quite positive for them both and they respect their parents wishes to refrain from sexual activity until they are of the legal age and mature enough to deal with any consequences that arise.

    I feel we as a society are way too lax in our responsibilities towards our youth by not dealing with issues in a responsible way which means sometimes we have to be cruel to be kind. Too many times has this country let the middle class do-gooders take responsibility for our children and see where that has got us, absolutely terrified to do anything which might upset the little darlings.

    Children know this and exploit the situation and that is why this country is in such a mess with it's teenagers because they know there is not a law in the land which cannot be broken by them, which they can get away with if they plead "Human Rights".

    Sorry to rant but feel quite strongly about this being a parent myself.

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