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General Chat Thread, Acquisition of Domain Names in General; (with the company names removed) If I own a 30 year old company registered as 123 shop ltd. and we ...
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    Acquisition of Domain Names

    (with the company names removed)

    If I own a 30 year old company registered as 123 shop ltd. and we own 123shop.co.uk but want 123shop.com, which is already registered by a company called ACME Shops and they are just using it because it sounds good, can we in effect force them to surrender the domain name (through cease and decist with a settlement to cover moving the domain). I know they cannot demand large amounts of money for it under extortion laws, but is there a way to get the domain?

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    Have a look at this page, I think it should help you.

    Domain Name Disputes (BitLaw)


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