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    Quote Originally Posted by gibbo_ap View Post
    thar be a lot of sticky yellow things with £2k lol
    Actually not got any sticky yellow things (or screwdrivers) yet and the budgets half gone! I do have a technet subscription and a Lenovo Netbook though

    Oh, and a set of ladders

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    I have about £6k for toners (and drums etc)
    Then I have a "repairs and maintenance" which is £15k.

    Paper comes out of a central pool (it gets a bit mushy, but we dry it off ).
    I usually get to spend a lot more than this on new PCs cabling etc.

    Last year, the toner budget was set at £15k.. but this was reduced when they realised I only spent about £6k of it.

    We have about 600 PCs (including netbooks and notebooks) and 1500 students.
    I've been given a hefty wedge this year (over and above) to upgrade servers and networks.

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