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General Chat Thread, Flood Damage in General; All Well what can I say whilst Andy Murray was doing his best to impersonate Tim Henman, our school was ...
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    Flood Damage


    Well what can I say whilst Andy Murray was doing his best to impersonate Tim Henman, our school was suffering the blow of torrential rain. This has mean't our (IT Technicians) office being placed out-of-bounds due to the carpet being completely sodden. Also a lot of kit has been damaged, potentially 3 brand new Dell 360 Optiplex PC's (as they were left on the floor in our store room). In total 7 rooms are out of use and I am currently working out of a room the size of a broom cupboard. Trouble is this is not exactly the first of third time the school has been affected by torrential rain.

    Great start to the week!

    Oh well things can only get better

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    Parts of our school flood in heavy rain because some of the surface water drains drain into a sump, which quickly fills up then the water backs up into the quad and floods some of the rooms in that area. Hasn't happened for a while, but as soon as winter hits and we get a prolonged period of rain I expect it will!


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