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General Chat Thread, Summer projects... in General; Looks like there are some busy projects going on for all of you over the summer! If any of you ...
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    Looks like there are some busy projects going on for all of you over the summer! If any of you would like comparitive quotes for any of the equipment you are after from desktops & netbooks to servers and SAN then please get in touch as I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised at our pricing and support.

    We've recently helped quite a few EduGeek members with desktop orders, notebook orders and a few large server & SAN requirements so it would be great to hear from you to see how we can help to save you money!

    Many thanks

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    1. Flog off all of our IT kit that stays
    2. Move all of our IT kit that's moving to the new site and plumb it in.
    3. Take the data from this network over there
    4. Create users
    5. Run up the new site on DNN
    6. Set up e-mail/drive maps/ESXi/Move the virtualised machinery to the ESXi Servers
    7. Test repeatedly.
    8. Test the AV matrices/AV provision/BMS/GSHS/UPS/ and so on
    9. Learn Zenworks
    10. Close the old site down for the last time. Lock the doors, turn the lights out.
    11. Help the staff move all their junk.

    All fun.

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    Fairly busy 7 weeks, especially when you take holidays in to account. Most of the time there will only be one of us in doing the work:

    • Clean/Repait/Upgrade/Sort Out/Make Nice all staff laptops (about 60)
    • Re-image every machine in the school - bye bye Winsuite
    • Delete the Terminal Server
    • Load balance Virtual Server 2005R2 VM's
    • Move Phoenix, Eclipse and Booking Pro to their own VM's
    • Install new nComputing system in Library
    • 30 New PC's in Room1
    • Upgrade memory (using spares from old Room 1 machines) in Room 3
    • Juggle Monitors around the school, getting rid of CRTs and replacing broken TFTs
    • Assign recon laptops to Art, Maths and SEN
    • Install SoftXpand system in SEN
    • Upgrade/move various Admin/Staff workstations
    • Inventory everything
    • Do end of term back-ups
    • IWB,Proj+Speaker install in 1 room
    • Scrape all the old monitors, printers, pc's, etc

    Almost certainly more, but can't think what yet!
    Last edited by plexer; 1st July 2009 at 01:54 PM. Reason: Surely you meant bye to winsuite and not buy, you don't want more winsuite

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    I see a couple of people are installing new racks so if you would like a comparative quote please send me the details of what you require.


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    Yup, bye bye Winsuite my end too!! YAY!

    I love how the suppliers are using this as an opportunity to plug! Great stuff!

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    Here is what we have got to do in 5 weeks:

    • install 5 new servers with server 2008 and create new domain
    • upgrade 4 current servers to 2008 and add to new domain
    • re-setup our 2 WS1000 sophos web filters to new domain
    • re-setup our ES1000 sophos spam filter
    • reconfigure our avantis cd server to new domain
    • install 2 6TB SANs (one to mirror each other over 2x 10GB fibre links)
    • All equipment to be split between our 2 data centres on opposite sides of the school site with 2x 24 core siemon 10Gb fibre to link them both together
    • Install our new HP 5406zl-48G core switch
    • install new HP 2900 secondary core switch
    • install 2 new 48 port edge switches
    • reconfigure our current 22+ HP edge switches for VLANs
    • Transfer all 900+ users data and accounts from old server to brand new SANs
    • Transfer 900+ user mailboxes from windows 2003, exchange 2007 to server 2008 again running exchange 2007
    • install SharePoint on new server and try and transfer our current sharepoint instance
    • scrap the admin network YES!!! and bring all admin users and data to the new single network including SIMS
    • Load balance SIMS on our two SQL servers including replicating the SIMS S:\ drive between the 2 servers
    • create 8 completely new images for workstations
    • install and image 42 new HP dc7900 workstations
    • reimage 200+ our current workstations
    • install our new Apple Xserve and join to Active Directory
    • install our new 8TB XRAID SAN to support Final Cut Studio on our new macs
    • create workstation images for our new 20+ Apple iMacs
    • install 7 new smart boards 660i
    • install 19+ new data sockets in different areas of the school

    Most of this has to be complete by 24th August for exam results week and we only finish for summer on 17th July and there is only one of me to do most of this, I think it's going to be a very tight one this year!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattstevenson2005 View Post
    Most of this has to be complete by 24th August for exam results week and we only finish for summer on 17th July and there is only one of me to do most of this, I think it's going to be a very tight one this year!


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    New Server Install here (2008)
    Re image all 80 clients
    Re image 20 staff laptops
    Sort out website and VLE

    ...and I don't even work in the holidays!

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    Seeing what some of you lot have to do is making me feel faint!

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    Not much and I am going to love it...

    Got new head in Sep so most major work has been done in Easter Hols.

    So here goes

    CC4 - SR1
    Map Network
    Rebuild all the machines
    Tidy Server Room / Office
    Few big updates on the servers
    Increase space in Sims Server
    Looking at notfication side of Groundworks
    Catch Up on Jobs
    Learning Platform Work On the IT Support Area

    Now EduGeek Stuff

    Two big ones are: -

    CPD Project
    Secret Job Description project can plan that bit more once had meeting with parties involved.

    Then few more smaller projects and also try and get out of the office and meet few of you at some events.


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    I want to say Bye Bye Winsuite - I hate the thing - but I don't have time on my hands...

    I have problems that I'm having to fix know that if I was to replace the network it would fix but because I need to fix these problems as they are essential for the T&L of the kids then I have to sort those bits so no new domain ready and I have hundrads of software packages that will need to be turned into MSI's or App-V programs in weeks...

    I'm going to end up letting the whole system die after putting in writing that it is doing so and I need to completely replace the old server images with new one but I haven't been given the time. anyway I'm starting to rant and not make sense so I'll leave you all to work out what on earth I'm going on about and I'll see if any local NM's want to swap jobs?

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    To quote Maniac..."Ok, Here Goes"

    • Classlink going out, 4 brand new servers coming in running 9 virtual servers on a Vanilla Windows Network
    • 330 brand new workstations coming in, to be installed in our IT Suites
    • 100 staff laptops to be rebuilt onto the new network
    • 5 IT Suites being completely refurbished, with painting, flooring, new benching, new data and electrical cabling and Smartboard and Projector installation
    • 2 new IT Suites being created, all work as above, but with some building work to put up stud walls and remove some brick walls
    • Rebuild of all remaining workstations (most admin workstations are staying)
    • Disposal of all old equipment

    Think that covers it all :-) suffice to say that our refurbishment work and building work has already started!

    oh yeh, I forgot
    • Install 2 Sans (1 x 1.8Tb, 1 x 6TB)
    • Install and configure 5 x Imacs
    • Move all data from current admin network to new domain, shutdown Admin domain (hurray :-) )
    • Create new users in new domain using new naming convention
    • Migrate data from current domain, to new domain, renaming user folders where required

    Think that might finally be it :-)
    Last edited by Iain.Faulkner; 1st July 2009 at 04:21 PM.

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    Only few bits on the go:

    Upgrade our Academic Network to Server 2008 (Three Servers)
    Upgrade the Admin Network to Server 2008 (Two Servers)
    Install a new Zimbra Mail/Intranet server (just the one server)
    Re-Image 300 Academic computers
    Re-Image 25 Admin computers
    Tidy up the comms cabinets (six)
    Service the projectors (God I hate that job - a mere 45 )
    Install two printers
    Wite an ICT policy that isn't more than 40 pages (What a joke!, i've written one already but its a bit too thorough and too constricting for people who can't work to process, so I've been to cut bits out - i.e make it Mickey Mouse )

    And for my next trick......

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    Going to be pretty tight on time here!

    Build and setup FOG server - register every PC on network with it
    Install 30 new PCs, image
    Move 15 PCs from one suite to another, image the lot
    Move 28 PCs from one suite to another
    Install Mac suite, add to network
    New network infrastructure in one department
    Upgrade students server to Server 2008
    Clean all keyboards, mice, screens
    Build 7 new PCs from parts
    Add extra PCs to another IT suite, image
    Install projectors, sound systems etc in two rooms
    Replace AV equipment in school hall
    Setup disk quotas for all students

    It's just me here, and I'm fitting in some time off too! Going to be pretty hectic

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    Quote Originally Posted by HodgeHi View Post
    My list consists of
    • Re-build of Domain controllers
    • Rebuild of OS X Servers
    • Rebuild of 25 imacs
    • Rebuild of 36 new imacs
    • Rebuild of 15 laptops
    • rebuild of 10 mac minis
    • configuration of 5 switches
    • configuration of new IP Range
    • Re-create user accounts
    • re-create user home dirs
    • re-create GPOs
    • install and test wireless WDS system
    • install StudyWiz
    • move all machines to new school 10 minutes away
    • cable up all patch panels and switches
    • re-configure mail server
    • re-configure imaps connection
    • re-create new website for new school.
    Hodge -

    A bit cheeky to ask - but why do you have to do all of this? What has happened so bad that the domain controllers need rebuilding? Why are you rebuilding 25 imacs?

    I've seen this a lot here in this topic and wonder why all this is happening.

    We have no plans to rebuild our machines in the school - mainly because we are not having any problems with them. Our GPOs are okay.

    So I assume everyone here has problems that means they have to rebuild etc,

    Just curious,


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